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    Currently, we can only accommodate one person at a time in our private suite for our Head Spa service. Any client wishing for a “multiple-person service” experience with our Head Spa will have to book the individual sessions back-to-back.
    Ideally, we believe that this service is best for the scalp when scheduled between hair extension appointments (after hair extension removal OR a few days/weeks before replacements); however, clients have enjoyed our services with current hair extensions in place. Our head spa specialists are well-versed in using specific brushes and tools that are gentle and suitable for clients with hair extensions, ensuring mindful care during your appointment.
    We DO have a cancellation policy in place in order to make sure we are able to provide the most accurate "Available" appointment time slots for all of our clientele wishing to be serviced. We ask that you cancel your appointment OR reschedule MORE THAN or AT LEAST 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time to avoid incurring a cancellation fee. 1. If you call, email, direct message or text us LESS THAN 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time you WILL BE charged 50% of the total service cost. 2. If you call, email, direct message, or text us LESS THAN 4 hours before your appointment OR you "no call-no show" by the time of your appointment or 15 minutes after you WILL BE charged 100% of the total service cost. 3. If you have a package of sessions with us, and cancel LESS THAN 4 hours before your appointment OR you "no call-no show" by the time of your appointment or 15 minutes after you WILL LOSE one of you sessions from your package. Booking appointments online WILL require a card on file and it WILL NOT be charged until after your appointment (or any other form of payment you wish). If you call OR text to schedule an appointment, we WILL still require a credit card to be placed on file to reserve the appointment. Our system DOES send out multiple email AND text message reminders of your scheduled appointment - even an hour prior, you receive notification of your appointment. Our system will NOT allow you to cancel or reschedule yourself if you are in the 24 hour window of your scheduled appointment time. This means if you need to cancel, the BEST FORM of communication to use is our phone number (727-218-7045). Please use this to call AND/OR text - if we do not answer, we may be with a client. Leave us a voicemail AND send a text. Instagram/Facebook messages, Emails, Messages through our Website are HARD to track when we have a fully booked schedule AND we probably will not see them in time. Please do not use these methods when an issue arises with you needing to reschedule or cancel your appointment - this will NOT count as properly informing us and you WILL STILL incur a fee (especially if we have a communication record with you via text or phone calls - we do save all this communication). We ALWAYS try to be as understanding and flexible as possible and we know that things come up last minute so please be courteous and contact us as soon as possible. Please remember that our artists make it our career to service you, it is not our hobby! Thank You! - Staff, Head Spa by The Bronze Lily
    1. Hair Preparation: We recommend arriving with brushed hair that is completely free from mats, tangles, and knots. This preparation helps our specialists focus on providing you with the best care and attention without any discomfort AND helps optimize the time spent on your treatment. 2. Avoid Heavy Products: Refrain from using heavy styling products like gels or hairsprays before your appointment, as they can build up on the scalp and affect treatment results. 3. Timeliness: Arrive on time (or 10-15 minutes prior to your session) to ensure a relaxed experience without feeling rushed. Starting with well-prepared hair also aids in maximizing the effectiveness of your allotted time. 4. Communicate Your Needs: Feel free to communicate any specific concerns or preferences you have with your specialist. This ensures they can tailor the head spa treatment to meet your individual needs. Don’t forget: We start each appointment with our tricho-analyzer, analyzing the scalp at 50X magnification, setting the tone for the treatment and tailored products used during for each client’s individualized needs. 5. Wear Comfortable Clothing: Choose comfortable clothing that you will wish to step back into after your hour long session of relaxation. We will provide cozy robes for you to change into during your session - giving you piece of mind that you no oil(s) or product(s) can get on your clothing during your treatment. 6. Relax and Unwind: Use this time as an opportunity to unwind and de-stress. Let go of the day’s worries and enjoy the pampering experience. By following these tips, you’ll help our specialist create a more enjoyable and beneficial head spa session tailored to your needs and providing you with the most indulgent level of relaxation.
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